• 3inute x 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2017


    The festive season is upon us and what better way to immerse in the Christmas gift-giving spirit than to partake in a grand 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway?! From adorable Christmas themed nails to personalized Christmas cards to mouth-watering Christmas treats, we’ve got you covered! Read on for more details of our Christmas Giveaway sponsors and how you can participate to win!

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  • 1 dress, 2 look


    Theblackestshade is back at it again, this time round providing us with an alternative look to the signature feminine 3inute flair! Whilst some of us might be into strappy heels and flowy chiffon dresses, there exist others who are into a slightly masculine, chic vibe accompanied by boots and athleisure adornments. This editorial features 4 different statement pieces that are effortlessly chic suitable for everyday wear!

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  • The Monthly Edit: The Elegant Flair Collection


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  • What Colours to Wear for Your Skintone?

    Header1Have you had occasions where people commented that you look “yellowish” in a dress of a certain colour or have you looked into the fitting room mirrors and wondered why the pink top you picked out looked vastly different as it did on the mannequin than it did on you?

    Colours work in various enigmatic ways and you don’t have to avoid that by just sticking to “safe” colours strictly in black & darker hues. Today you’re about to uncover the many different palettes that compliment your skin tone and what you should absolutely stay away from to amp up your style!

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  • Fall Trend Inspo

    Fall Trends Header

    Fall season isn’t all about gloomy skies and dull silhouettes – it’s about cosy ensembles of autumnal tones of moss green shades, classic burgundy hues mixed with foamy blues. In sunny Singapore, we might not get the full experience of Fall but we can definitely dress like it! Here are this year’s Fall Trends you absolutely should strive to emulate.

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