We accept local Internet Banking (IB) / ATM Transfers and Paypal transfers only.

1. Internet Banking (IB) / ATM Transfers

For POSB/DBS accounts:
Account Type: DBS Current Account
Account No.: 018-903939-1

Submitting Payment Details:
  • Customers who choose Internet Banking as their payment method will have their order(s) reserved for 24 hours upon receiving an invoice.
  • Payment details have to be submitted via this link provided once you make a purchase, and all orders will automatically be cancelled if payment is not received within the timeframe.
  • Cancelled orders cannot be reversed and 3INUTE will not be held liable if the payment details are not provided for within this timeframe.
  • For ATM Transfers, on top of submitting the payment details via the link, please also kindly provide a clear screenshot of the transaction receipt to

2. Paypal Transfers

For payments via Paypal, payment has to be made instantly. Please ensure that you reach the paypal payment gateway page via 3INUTE website to ensure that payment is received and updated successful in our system. Additional charges for Paypal transfers are absorbed by 3INUTE.

Paypal supports major credit/debit cards via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a Paypal account. You are able to make payment with or without a Paypal account.

Note: Payments made via a new browser will not be synced to our server, and that will mean your order status will not be updated automatically. Should you exit the payment gateway page and opt to transfer to our paypal account separately, a refund will be made via store credits if we are unable to reach your payment email on time.