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The Instagram Edit

If you're feeling adventurous, waiting for a sign to get out of your Instagram rut, this is it! Stop scrolling through Instagram and start posting today. You don't have to wait till your next vacay day. Here's a specially curated checklist on how to get the Instagram Look all day everyday!

Natural Lighting

Everything looks 100% better with natural lighting as it requires less edits and makes it a lot easier for filters to be applied on. The best timing to catch natural lighting would be during the day from 11am - 2pm or during golden hour from 5-6pm. Take your shot and venture outdoors today!

Not sure what to wear? Here's a few OOTD inspo:

Naiya Buttons Sleeved Midi Dress | Gianelle Flutter Hem Midi Dress | Avery Ruffled Sleeves Romper Kass Tier Babydoll Dress

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Love wearing neutral and/or darker tones? No worries! Upgrade your Instagram feed game with eye-popping skylines and backdrop. From hereon, there'll never be another dull moment!

Not sure what to wear? Here's a few OOTD inspo:

Katey Buttons Paperbag Shorts Hathaway Wide Neck Multi-Way Jumpsuit | Beckett Wrap V Floral Dress in Pink Floral

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When all else fails, you still have your trusty filters to fall back on! Be in monochromatic, nostalgic or faded hues, there's always a filter for every mood. Go with one that matches your OOTD vibes and feels.

Not sure what to wear? Here's a few OOTD inspo:

Ariko Abstract Kimono Jacket | Halyna Eyelet Embroidery Midi Dress | Octavia Abstract Midi Dress

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